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About us

On a business trip to Nigeria in 2017 our Founder, Fola, was intrigued by the dried hibiscus leaves that were being sold on the busy streets of Lagos. At the time she was unsure about the use of these dried leaves, so when a family member showed her that it can be used for teas or a cold beverage this sparked even more interest.

Fola later went on another trip to Nigeria, but this time on a mission to find out more about hibiscus leaves. She travelled to the North to spend time with farmers who source the hibiscus leaves and then transport them to their customers in Lagos. Fast forward a year later, Lafiya was birthed with the aim of producing non-alcoholic hibiscus beverage suitable for all pallets. 


Lafiya prides itself in producing premium quality drinks with the aim of providing the original taste enjoyed by many in tropics.

Enjoy Lafiya any time, any place, and on any occasion!

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